How it works

Personality Style Formula


This is where we get to know each other.  You learn to dress authentically by matching your personality, passions and lifestyle with your clothes.  Your Personality Style Formula has nothing to do with trends and comes from the inside out.  When you discover your Personality Style Formula,  people see you in clear focus.  You don’t look like anyone else.  You look like the best version of you. 

Color, Silhouette & Proportion Analysis


 A custom color, body silhouette and proportion analysis including hairstyle for face shape, eyeglasses and accessories will allow you to dress in harmony with you physical appearance.  Learning your best colors, patterns and textures that reflect your skin, hair and eyes and what shapes and proportions are best for your body will make you appear more confident and attractive, saving time and money by avoiding colors and clothing that doesn't work in your wardrobe.  The Color Profile system, a non-seasonal and totally individualized method, gives you a resource of over 3000 hues to choose you best colors.  You'll receive a custom portfolio consisting of fabric swatches of your personalized color harmony. 

Closet Edit and Organization


Is your closet your enemy or your friend?  Does it give you stress or success?  Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?  Cindy will edit and organize your closet to make it more user friendly, simplified and uncluttered.  A review of your current wardrobe will determine which items are outdated or ill-fitting, and decisions will be made to eliminate, alter or keep.  When you learn how to mix and match to create a perfectly coordinated look, you'll save valuable time and energy and enjoy getting dressed everyday!  Creating and maintaining a well-organized closet that displays your clothes will give you wardrobe freedom...bringing peace, joy and order into your life.

host a love it or leave it party

Invite 8-10 Friends


The guests will wear an outfit they thought they loved when they bought it but for some reason it does not work.   I will help them to understand why it doesn’t work or what they can do to make it work.  It is a fun, interactive and informative experience where attendees learn what is involved in Image Consulting.   

Get the Personality Style Formula Free


You will get the first step of Your Signature Look, The Personality Style Formula, as a gift for hosting the Love It or Leave It Party.  Call Cindy to get the details.  

Close the deal


I will have a flyer for you to email or text to your friends inviting them to the party.