before and afters

Judy A. Before


Judy A. After


Judy A.'s Testimony

"Cindy Clardy's expertise in Image Consulting is a gift you should give yourself!  I spent many years of uncertainty and insecurity on how to choose what styles and colors I should wear.  I dreaded shopping for clothes and shopped from necessity  After my sessions with Cindy, I have specific guidelines to follow and know exactly what colors and styles to look for so my shopping is no longer a dreaded necessity.  Thanks to Cindy, I now have the confidence to make the right selections and I am enjoying the new me!" 

Linda L. Before


Linda L. After


Linda L.'s Testimony

"After several years of being a caregiver to my parents, and nursing my husband through some serious medical problems, I was feeling very unorganized and unkempt.  Cindy was just what I needed to 'find' myself again.  Cindy analyzed my body shape, my hair style and color, and spent a lot of time with my skin color analysis to provide me with color swatches.  She also provided guidance and moral support in helping me clean out and reorganize kmy closets.  Thank you Cindy, you really amazing."

Regina's Before


Regina's After


Larry's Before


Larry's After


"Cindy Clardy Image Consulting, St. Augustine, Florida, gave me my Signature Look which gave me the confidence to feel good about myself when I went to a family wedding." 

LC's Testimony

"With all the struggles of getting older and having limits at age 78...I called Cindy.  My biggest issues were that I couldn't wear heels anymore and my shape had changed.  I needed a whole new look and style.  I wanted to feel good when I looked in the mirror.  I liked Cindy's analysis.  I felt she GOT ME.  The whole process takes courage, but a few months later I'm reaping the rewards.  I'm very picky when I shop now and don't settle for something that's not my style.  I've gained my sure-ness back.  I like to make a statement and that's easy now.  I only have a smile and happiness when I go to my closet and choose what I want to wear because everything looks great!  If you need a REAL CHANGE, call's worth all the time and cost.  You won't regret it!"