meet Cindy

My Work, My Passion

I absolutely believe that discovering Your Signature Look is transformation and the results last a lifetime. Looking good is not about age, weight or size...but being confident & comfortable in your own skin is what's attractive.  If we don’t accept & celebrate how marvelous & beautiful & perfect we are...we may desire look like someone else...or alter or change who we really are.  A person who has peace with their own beauty is attractive & influential in every decade of their life. They can recognize beauty in others and never feel threatened or jealous.  They pass positive self images to their sons and daughters and their sphere of influenc

Cindy's Credentials

Cindy Clardy is a Certified Image Consultant trained by Debra Linquist, creator of Color Profiles System, one of the most extensive non seasonal color systems available using over 3000 colors.  Cindy also received training from authors and trainers of professional Image Consultants worldwide, Brenda Kinsel and Carla Mathis.

Where it Began

Cindy’s passion for Image Consulting began over 30 years ago when she discovered her own Signature Look which was life changing both personally and professionally.  Image Consulting was a natural transition for Cindy with a desire to help all people fulfill their divine purpose.  Combining her Fine Arts Degree, Aesthetician License, Massage License and Image Consulting Certification, Cindy founded Cindy Clardy Image Consulting based in St. Augustine, Florida.